Keep your BMW Sharp with Regular Oil Change Service
at Long Beach BMW

Your BMW's engine oil is what helps keep it performing like a pro on every drive to the Lakewood Golf Course. Help keep your BMW on the leading edge with regular oil and oil filter service at Long Beach BMW, conveniently located across the 405 from the Long Beach Airport.


3 Years Pre-Paid for $225 - Starting at 60 Months or 60,000 Miles

Why Does My BMW Vehicle Need Oil Changes?

Your BMW's engine oil helps it perform at its best, minimizing friction, heat, and contamination within the engine. Over time, engine oil breaks down and collects contaminants, becoming thicker and heavier. That means your engine has to work harder to push against the thicker oil, and it will run harder, hotter, and less efficiently until the oil is changed.

What Does an Oil Change Service Include?

Our BMW professionals will drain your old oil, remove your old oil filter, install a new BMW high-quality oil filter, and refill your engine with factory recommended BMW engine oil. We'll run a quick inspection and reset your oil change indicator system, then recycle the old oil and filter.

Why Come to Long Beach BMW for Oil Changes?

Our convenient location right off the 405 houses all the advanced BMW technology, tools, and equipment needed to keep your BMW car or SAV running as if it were new for many years to come. We treat our customers with the best of service as well, so if you're ready to enjoy the red-carpet treatment you and your BMW vehicle deserve, schedule an oil change today at Long Beach BMW.

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