Find out the Best way to Return Your Lease

At Long Beach BMW in Long Beach, CA, we want to make sure you know all of the options when it comes to returning your lease. We make it easy to return your lease, giving you several options based on your preferences. You are in complete control when you need to decide what you want to do, and we are here to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Your first option is to swap which BMW model that you have. This means your term limit has ended and there is a new model that you are looking for, essentially swapping which model that you are leasing.

The second option is to purchase the vehicle that you have leased. This option is for those of you who have truly come to enjoy the vehicle that they are in. With this option you avoid charges that you would have to pay for excess miles, disposition, and wear and use, helping you own the vehicle that you have become attached to.

The final option is to simply return your vehicle at the end of its term. It is as simple as bringing the vehicle back to our dealership, allowing us to inspect it, and finishing up the last-minute paperwork.

Our team will answer any other questions that you have, making sure that you can confidently choose the option that suits your lifestyle and needs. We encourage you to visit us soon so that we can get you started into the transition that you choose. Our convenient location in Long Beach makes us a short ride for many customers located throughout the Los Angeles region.

Categories: Rental
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